Full Stack, Front End, Back End, UI/UX Design & Development, Web & Mobile Solutions

Full Stack, Front End, Back End, UI/UX Design & Development, Web & Mobile Solutions

Software system application engineering is one of our favorite specialties here at J&C Internet Works. We can create your software exactly how you need it. With your custom tailored application developed by us, you won’t have to worry about all the extra bloat in software that you don’t need confusing you and taking up valuable screens space.

Let us solve your business problems. We will work with you to help you determine what components of a full system you need. We will work together to find solutions that are exactly and only how you want it. Just a few examples of components you could integrate into your application include:

Customer Management System

We can work with you to develop a system where you can view customer details, outstanding balances, or even save notes on a customer that you may need to view whenever you meet with that customer.

Invoice Systems

Do you use paper receipts still? Are you adding up receipts to determine who owes you money or how much income you have generated in a given time period? We can create a custom invoice/receipt system where you can create receipts with just a few clicks of a button. You can store customer information, view invoices and create insights on the cash flow with just a few clicks.

Order Placement Systems

Do you want to sell products online or have a customer send in an order or request for a service you may provide? We can provide you with that system, and even alert you when an incoming order/request happens.

Scheduling systems

Do you need to schedule customer appointments? We can create a customer view where the customer can view available time slots, and a back end view for you to view appointments, or even block out times you don’t want to accept appointments.

Action Logging Systems

Do you need to keep track of actions such as when an employee clocks in or needs to take a break? Actions could also include if you manage a day care center and you need to log when a child uses the bathroom or leaves the room. Whatever the action is that you need to log; we can create a tracking system for you to record and save these actions in a database. As always, you will be able to view these actions and create insights on your back end management view of the system.

These are just a few examples, and do not have to stand alone. The above examples are just parts of a whole solution to solving your business problems. Every business is unique. Every business needs a unique solution. Please contact us today to see what problem we can solve for you.


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